About Osmotherley Film

Iconosmotherley film  launched in April 2008 with the aim of bringing a rich and varied mix of quality film to the heart of our Community.

We are a membership-based film society reliant on the enthusiasm and support of our Members, whilst also welcoming guests to our Film Evenings.

How it all started...

"There are people queing to the Village Cross!..."

The journey to osmotherley film began in the autumn of 2007.

An advert in the 'Osmotherley Messenger' asked the question: "Is anyone interested in starting a village cinema?" The response was the joining together of like-interested people…and bags of enthusiasm. The result, our Launch Night on April 25th and the birth of osmotherley film.

How did we get there? It sounds simple enough: 'let’s start a village cinema!' Yes…but, equally, not quite so fast! What’s needed?   Venue. Equipment. From where do you source film? How to pay for it all..?   And that’s just the obvious for starters!

Autumn, winter and spring (2007 into 2008) were filled with the groundwork, putting the necessary pieces of the cinematic jigsaw into place.  Get this right we felt, and it would give  osmotherley film the chance to succeed.

Of course, with none of those involved ever having attempted anything like this before, it was one huge voyage of discovery. At its heart, the big unknown, the leap of faith: would it all be successful? Would people like the idea? Would  osmotherley film  take off?

Our Launch Evening was planned for April 2008. Our film, "Atonement". It was a unanimous choice: an award-winning British film and one with a very local connection! An enjoyable social occasion was planned, supported by three of our village businesses and underpinned by support from 'Community Champions'.

Would osmotherley film take off? The answer was resounding! The enthusiastic reaction to our launch was more than we dared hope for. This enabled us to proceed with our plans for our Launch Season of films from May to July 2008. Our first full season of film commenced in September 2008.

The rest is history... and a history we hope will continue to be written!

It's been an exciting and interesting road to travel. Reflecting on it all, if we could bottle one thing it would probably be the feeling that ran through our veins on Launch Night; a cornucopia of excitement, hope, doubt, anticipation, even stagefright..when in one moment just before the doors opened, the call went out 

“…there are people queuing to the Village Cross!”