How We Operate

IconWe are a membership-based film society reliant on the enthusiasm and support of our Members, whilst also welcoming guests to our Film Evenings. We plan and provide a Season of film, chosen from the rich and varied archive available out there in film-land.

We operate on a non-commercial basis, funded by the Membership Fee paid by our Members. This means we are financially viable and thus able to provide the programme of film we do...which is what we're all about! All funds are used solely to enable us to operate on a season-by-season basis.

The Membership Fee entitles Members to admission to each of our films - seat guaranteed! Other benefits become obvious as the Season progresses! - including a say in the choice of film included in our programme.

We are a member of the British Federation of Film Societies which exists to provide advice and support to Community-based Film organisations, such as ourselves.

osmotherley film is run entirely by volunteers who do everything from planning the programme, encouraging Members to join, setting up and operating the Film Evenings and generally keeping things working as well as they can! (OK, and enjoying a chocolate biscuit or two along the way)

Our Season...

Our Season of film commences in September and reaches its finale in June. We have one Film Evening per month, on a Friday (this was the evening confirmed by Members at our Launch Night, as being the favoured time for our films), giving a Season of 10 films in total.

Some Comments made at our Launch...

The most popular responses:

...Not having to travel to cinema
...Being able to choose films
...Being able to bring guests

Other Comments:

...The chance to see interesting films