IconYour Membership Fee entitles you to admission to each of our films through our Season. 10 great films, seat guaranteed! And, we hope, an enjoyable social occasion.

Additional benefits include the opportunity to get involved in the running of  osmotherley film  and also to have a say in the films                                 we show.

Your Membership Fee, together with your support, means that we can plan and operate the Season of film we do. You get the benefit - other Members get the benefit - we all benefit from this support!

This Season's Membership Fee

A bit more about Membership...

A Magic Age?

Yes, unfortunately, we have to operate a lower age limit of 16 years to become a Member. This is by reason of us operating as a film society.

Can I bring along a Guest?

Yes, please do! Members are guaranteed seats at each Film Evening so our ability to welcome guests is dictated by space available.

We operate for the benefit of our Members, who have, of course, committed their support to us by becoming Members. Without this, we would not be able to operate. We have, however, from the outset, wanted to be able to welcome guests. Subject to availability of seats, guests are welcomed. A Guest Fee is payable.

Do you welcome feedback?

Yes we do...and we hope you will give it! Every bit helps us in meeting your..and our..hopes for osmotherley film. For instance, at the end of each Film Evening, we invite you to rate your enjoyment of the film and provide any further comment you wish to. This helps us as we plan our films. At any other time, feel free to offer any suggestions - it all helps! For details of how to contact us, just follow the 'Contact Us' link.