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Why? Any announcements we need to make or any news we have to share with you, will be posted here.

We will always endeavour to make important announcements during our Film Evenings but, missed a Film? Want to remind yourself of the details of an announcement? Don't worry, you will be able to find the information here on the website.

Members' Choice vote 2018/19 - what will you choose?

Voting is currently underway! The result will be your film for April!

Always a popular part of our season, our Members' Choice vote is currently in the hands of our members: the film with the greatest number of votes will be our film for April.

We hope we have provided yet another tantalising selection for our members, from modern classic to recent headliner. Votes were distributed to those present at our February film; those members not able to be present will not lose out and are in the process of being contacted. As always, voting is keen and the result has the capacity to be tight: every vote counts!

And the films in contention?:




What will the result be? We wait to see! The result will be announced next month - stay tuned!

Feb 2019

Say hello to your new season!

Calling all film lovers! Your new film season is here!

Follow these links for all the details:

download a copy of the season programme here

download a membership form for the season here

(Copies of this information can also be obtained from Top Shop)

This month sees the start or our new season: season 2018/19. Another enjoyable and varied programme awaits!

From the visually stunning ‘Loving Vincent’ to the banks of the Ganges for the touching and uplifting ‘Hotel Salvation’. From drama in small town US in the shape of ‘Three Billboards...’ to home-grown drama in Yorkshire, ‘God’s Own Country’. There will be humour of the laugh-out-loud sort as we cross America with ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ and of the satirical in the USSR of old, ‘The Death of Stalin’. And there’s more. Truly, a kaleidoscope of film!

Join us and let a world of 10 films (Sep-June) open up before you. Come along and enjoy film as well as our very sociable film evenings. All this a stone’s throw from your front door!

To our previous members, we hope we have tantalised you sufficiently and look forward to welcoming you once more.

For the uninitiated, we are not your local public cinema. Better, we are a film society, membership-based, open to anyone 16+ yrs of age to join and run entirely from within and for our local community. The film choice is ours and made with our audience in mind. It’s a film recipe that has worked incredibly successfully, season by season, since we launched in 2008. Join us and you will discover this for yourself!

To ensure success for all, JOIN US!

Membership Fee for the season: £35 (yes, still unchanged on our first season!)

Film dates: see earlier news item and the season programme - 3rd Friday's as a rule

On the night? Our venue is the Village Hall; Doors open 7.30pm, Films start 8pm

This new season marks the 10th anniversary of our first full season. Since we launched in 2008 we’ve brought over 100 films to our audiences. We’ve hosted a film festival; obtained state of the art projection kit; we’ve seen the Village Hall upgraded for sound, for seating and have installed a full-size ‘big screen’.

Osmotherley Film is an ongoing success story – we’d love it to stay that way and we’d love you to be part of it!

Don't leave it to our first night to join...JOIN NOW!

Aug 2018

Want to join the team?

Across the seasons, we have shown that a simple formula well executed has proved to be enjoyable for all and a great success.

That success owes itself to yes, an enthusiastic audience; yes, to a vibrant selection of films but also to the film crew - all giving their time freely - to make it work. We all enjoy it!

As we look forward to our new season, we are looking to add to the Film Crew. So, if you're curious to know more or think you might want to become involved, let us know - have a chat!

Aug 2018

New Season on its way!

Details of our new season will go 'live' very shortly - we hope you're full of anticipation!

Whilst we put the last pieces in place, make sure you mark the film dates in your diary ready:

2018: Sep 21, Oct 19, Nov 16, Dec 21

2019: Jan 18, Feb 15, Mar 15, Apr 12*, May 17, Jun 21

As you will be used to, all dates are the 3rd Friday in the month except for April - due to Easter, April's film will move forward to the 2nd Friday of the month.

Full season information including previews, downloadable programme and membership form will be available on our website when we launch the season.

We hope you will join us and help make it another enjoyable season for all!

Aug 2018

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