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Actually, in our case, there's no need to!

Why? Any announcements we need to make or any news we have to share with you, will be posted here.

We will always endeavour to make important announcements during our Film Evenings but, missed a Film? Want to remind yourself of the details of an announcement? Don't worry, you will be able to find the information here on the website.

plenty to look forward to!

It's been an enjoyable and encouraging beginning to the season.

As we pass through December and towards January,we wish all our members an enjoyable festive period - Happy Christmas! and a Happy New Year!

Of course, there's much to look forward to in the months ahead - more great film; for our members, the 'Members' Choice' vote (always a popular moment in any of our seasons) and the enjoyment of each film evening as it comes along.

If you've not joined us for the season and are itching to do so, follow this link to download a membership form:

Download a membership form for the season here

...and bring along to our next film evening.

Here's to enjoyable and film-filled months ahead!

Dec 2021

a kind of magic!

We're back!

It was great to be able to once more throw open the doors, unfurl our ‘big screen’ and be able to welcome back our audience.

We hope all present enjoyed the occasion. Here's looking forward now to a season of enjoyable film evenings!

If you missed September's film evening, do not despair - it's never too late to join us for the season. You can download a membership form from this website and then, simply bring it along with your membership fee to the next film evening. It's as easy as that!

Our website contains all the information you need to know about us, how we operate and our film evenings. Surf away at your leisure!

Remember, when you join us as a member, you help to ensure our film evenings are there for the season ahead: your membership fee funds us! (And you have to admit, at £35 (10 films) it is rather good value).

We look forward to welcoming you!

Sep 2021

Looking ahead to Friday!

How will things work on Friday?

Headline = fundamentally, as they always have!

We haven’t forgotten the Public Health awareness that we all have become used to, however. We remain mindful that, whilst members are happy to return to film evenings, some may feel a little nervous about being back together for the first time in a long time.

We want our audience to feel relaxed, comfortable and confident that we are in a safe environment as we begin our season.

So, to help us all enjoy the evening and to help in that human confidence-building we all feel the need of from time to time…

Masks:as with many indoor venues, we ask everyone attending our film evening to wear a mask. - maybe not everyone’s chosen fashion accessory, we accept, but de rigeur, still, from BBC Proms to TV studios and beyond.

Village Hall protocols: we invite everyone to make use of the Sanitising station on entry and, if you wish to do so, the NHS Test & Trace app

Seating: we will adopt our usual seating layout. The Village Hall space does not allow anything else. It is only the lifting of previous distancing requirements that is enabling us to re-commence film evenings.

We do understand that some may feel uncomfortable with close seating. To help you:

- for information, the distance between rows will be iro 1.5/2m, person to person.

- if you feel uncomfortably close side by side along a row, please feel able to ‘close’ the seat beside you. (We hope to have seat indicators available for this purpose by Friday)

- when you choose your seat on the night, please help us help everyone by selecting your seat mindful of the audience we could receive, so that we can make the best use of the space available

- we will monitor audience capacity to help ensure all present feel relaxed in the Village Hall environment

Ventilation: we will ensure that the Village Hall is well ventilated.

As you arrive, we will ensure that, through the use of doors and windows, there is a flow of air through the Village Hall space

Whilst some doors may be closed as we start the film (for your safety and to avoid disturbance to the neighbours), we will keep as much ventilation open as we feel appropriate

Ease of Movement around the hall space: please help us use the available space within the main hall to the best effect by trying to avoid ‘bottlenecks’ as you move around or chat to fellow audience members.

We hope this is all commonsense stuff to help everyone enjoy the evening. We hope this responds appropriately to the comments we have received from you.

We look forward to welcoming you on the night!

Sep 2021

be part of it!

As we count down to our opening night, we hope you are looking forward to it.

To join us as a member for the season, download and bring along your completed membership form on the night:

download a membership form for the season here

Remember, when you join us as a member, you help to ensure our film evenings are there for the season ahead: your membership fee funds us! (And you have to admit, at £35 (10 films) it is rather good value).

Sep 2021

welcome back to your film evenings!

Friday 17th September : it all begins!

We have been monitoring the situation as you know. Our view is that, with the support and goodwill of our members and audiences, we can operate once again.Thank you to our members for your part in helping us reach our decision.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you along – as much as, we’re sure, you’re looking forward to enjoying film on the big screen, once again!

A new season of film awaits for you!

We hope you will enjoy it!

Our website will continue to be updated in the days ahead, to provide full season details and other useful information for our film evenings. This will include membership application for the new season for you to download. Keep checking in with us.

That aside, doors will open 7.30pm; film start 8pm

Sep 2021

Be hopeful - stay tuned!

We are cautiously hopeful that we will be able to launch a new season, per tradition. We are working away behind the scenes with this as our goal. We, certainly, are keen to get our famed film evenings operational once more for our audiences!

We must feel confidant it is safe & appropriate to operate so will continue to monitor circumstances accordingly. But...fingers crossed!

Please keep checking our website for the latest news - we will hope to make an annoncement early in September

To be hopeful, and to pencil those film evenings into your social calendar, the scheduled dates for the season will be (per tradition, 3rd Fridays): Sep 17, Oct 15, Nov 19, Dec 17, 2022 Jan 21, Feb 18, Mar 18, *Apr 22, May 20, Jun 17. (*=4th Fri)

When the time comes, we hope that you will help us bring ‘live’ arts back to our community : help us to bring our film eves alive once more!

Keep hopeful!

Aug 2021